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RA Custom 12in Tone-Ring Cabinet

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The RA Custom 12″ tone-ring cabinet in Stain/Lacquer finish. Original design by Leo Fender/J.B. Lansing. Velcro grill upgrade by RA Custom.

Are you in need of superior sound reinforcement?

Not willing to settle for mass-manufactured-over-priced-inferior gear?

Quotes and Sound Advice are FREE! 😉

Email or Call – Rick 309-267-8145





RA Custom – Naked! Solid.

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000_1342Who else would expose their secrets? I have no “secrets” to hide. Each piece of every RA Custom enclosure is cut & sized one piece at a time.. then glued & clamped into place.. inspected thoroughly at every stage of the process.  Sure it’s slow.. Most good things take time and patience. The result is the finest cabinet you’ll ever own, meticulously constructed of the finest materials available. Give me a shout. Let me know how I can help your sound delivery. And, Thanks for stopping by! Peace. Rick.

Howdy! and Welcome to RA Custom,

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Howdy! Give me a call.


Let me know if I can help…



Call Rick or Text – 309-267-8145


or Email me: rick@rawoods.com



Please use these pages as a kind of brochure.

Lots of pictures of past builds.



For quotes, questions, comments, etc,

Please… Email or Call Rick @ 309-267-8145 anytime during the day or early evening.

Two RA Custom Showman 15 Tone-Ring Cabinets heading for stages in

Maine & Texas.. Blonde is still hot!

(2 – 1961 Showman heads get their mojo back. ;-))

Two Blond Showman 15s


Just out of the shop… RA Natural/Lacquer Showman 15 Tone-Ring cab


Below is a Blackstar (w/12″ speaker) RA Troubadour style.

Note the vintage Ampeg SVT grill cloth. Amp mounting panel is “No-Sag”/Positive Fit.

ALL RA Custom materials & parts are AMERICAN MADE when possible.


That means if I can’t find an American-Made item, I’ll fabricate  one rather than go for the foreign-made stuff.


The yellow pine used in RA Custom cabinets is harvested in British Columbia, Canada. 

“Gorman Craftsman”. Best pine in the land..

Their wonderful pine makes for a super-durable-super-lightweight cabinet, not to mention the gorgeous stain/lacquer cabs (RA Troubadour).


Email me for a cabinet quote. Quotes are FREE. rick@rawoods.com


Rick Summers

RA Custom

West Peoria, IL 61604

Ph: 309-267-8145

New to the RA Custom Troubadour Collection.. CANE Grills.. Take a look….

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1×12″ and 2×12″ Open-Back Extensions…

Western Deluxe Rev 08

Every RA cabinet is meticulously joined and finished.

Above is a typical RA 1/4″ box-jointed cabinet corner from the RA Troubadour Series.

Bass Guitar, Steel Guitar, Lead Guitar.. The RA TS15-P Sounds Amazing!

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6/27/12 Phone Works Now…  Give me a call.

NEW Phone Number – 309-267-8145


The RA Custom 1×15″ Thiele/Small cabinet. Stylish & Bold!



The NEW RA Custom TS15-P looks as good as it sounds. And it sounds AMAZING! Start building your stack TODAY.

I recommend starting with the RA Thiele 1×15″ then adding the RA Thiele 2×10″. Adding 1 or 2 RA Thiele 1×12″ is another possibility..

Pictured is Ralph Sweat’s Vibro-Stack featuring the RA TS15-P.
Surf’s UP!

Surf’s UP !


Let’s Get Small!

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The RA Custom 1×12 Thiele/Small enclosure is compact, light, but most important, EFFICIENT.  1/4″ Box-jointed, All Pine, ‘cept the baffle is 3/4″ Birch Ply.
JBL speaker clamps make the front-mount simple and secure.

I prefer the exposed port, but you decide. Weighs about 14 lbs. unloaded.

Either stacked on top of a 1×15″ or by itself this little devil packs an ear-pleasing punch. Try one..


Spring 2011 at RA Custom

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RA Custom is OPEN. Give me a call! Call Rick @ 309-267-8145

Your New Bass Stack?

This is a Bass Guitar stack recently built for

a rocker in Toronto, CA.  Awesome Tone!

It features a 2×10 Thiele/Small enclosure with

a 1×15 Thiele/Small cab.  Call Rick for Price.

Winter of 2011

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SR45-2x10  SOLD!

SOLD!  to a St Louis, MO musician.. One Sweet Tone Machine!

If you’re interested in a SR45, please Email me, rick@rawoods.com.

This particular amp sold for $2850. with the 2×10 open-back bottom. (Weber Vintage 10F125’s)

Spring Fever at RAWOODS

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The AB763 circuit that Leo Fender designed back in July of 1963 has been copied and emulated by countless amp builders.

This RA Custom SR45 AB763 circuit is as faithful as it gets to the original Fender circuit, a true clone, but with better components.

Well, I had this bare old ’68 SR chassis hanging in the shop.  I got bored one day and started building … Well, it’s done and it’s awesome.

Pure Tube Tone

Picture 1 of 7


  • Hammond transformers (4 or 8 ohm output capability),

  • Sprague capacitors, N.O.S. carbon-comp resistors,

  • CTS pots,

  • Fender cream barrel knobs, green jewel

  • Beautiful RA Custom Cocobolo (rosewood) faceplate,

  • Carling switches, Switchcraft jacks,

  • Custom G10/FR4 eyelet board, cloth-covered wire,

  • JJ/Tesla preamp tubes

  • Ruby 6L6GC-M-STR power tubes, JJ/Tesla GZ34 rectifier,

  • Belton 3-spring reverb can, LUSH

  • RA Custom head cabinet,  25″ x 12″ x 9.75″

  • Fender Rough Blonde tolex and Fender Wheat grill cloth,

  • Fender re-issue Tremelo/Reverb foot-switch.

  • Heavy-Duty Steel-reinforced stitched leatherette handle

  • ***All NEW with the exception of the 1968 Fender Super Reverb chassis on which it all sets.

If you’d like a matching bottom, 4 x 10″, 2 x 12″, 2 x 10″, 1 x 15″……. You name it, I’ll build it with a generous discount.


(shipping paid to lower 48 US)


Give me a shout  –   309-213-1604 (Central Illinois) or…

Email Rick at Rick@RAWOODS.com for INFORMATION


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Email Rick@RAWOODS.com

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Howdy and Welcome to RAWOODS Custom,

If you’re looking for a high quality custom cabinet, built to your specifications in a timely manner, then you’ve come to the right place.  I’ll build it for you. And they will come… and they’ll say, “Wow!  Nice amp!” Happens every time.

If you’re into Quality and Value, give me a shout..

I’ll build it the way grandpa built it and it’ll outlast us all…

Email Rick for a Quick Estimate

12-inch Tone-Ring Cabinet - Inside Shot

Get ready for the busy fall season with a RAWOODS amp facelift.  Class-up your side of the stage.. 😉  Bass Players, ask me about the TONE-RING cabinets, you’ll thank me later.

This is my first time formally advertising on the net.  I’m using blog software instead of the properly built “web”. It’s because I’m a wood craftsman and not a computer craftsman.  This blog software is easy enough to work with that I can spend most of my time making great cabinets instead of a great big headache here behind the computer. 😉

I would publish my personal phone number here, but thanks to unscrupulous hackers and phishers, I can’t.  So just Email me and I’ll give you my phone number so we can talk about your amp.

Email me with price-quote requests, questions, comments, suggestions, what-have-you…


I look forward to speaking with you!

Sincerely,  Rick  Summers

CEO and floor sweeper @ RAWOODS Custom