May, 2011 | RA CUSTOM -

Let’s Get Small!

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The RA Custom 1×12 Thiele/Small enclosure is compact, light, but most important, EFFICIENT.  1/4″ Box-jointed, All Pine, ‘cept the baffle is 3/4″ Birch Ply.
JBL speaker clamps make the front-mount simple and secure.

I prefer the exposed port, but you decide. Weighs about 14 lbs. unloaded.

Either stacked on top of a 1×15″ or by itself this little devil packs an ear-pleasing punch. Try one..


Spring 2011 at RA Custom

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RA Custom is OPEN. Give me a call! Call Rick @ 309-267-8145

Your New Bass Stack?

This is a Bass Guitar stack recently built for

a rocker in Toronto, CA.  Awesome Tone!

It features a 2×10 Thiele/Small enclosure with

a 1×15 Thiele/Small cab.  Call Rick for Price.