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RA Custom – Naked! Solid.

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000_1342Who else would expose their secrets? I have no “secrets” to hide. Each piece of every RA Custom enclosure is cut & sized one piece at a time.. then glued & clamped into place.. inspected thoroughly at every stage of the process.  Sure it’s slow.. Most good things take time and patience. The result is the finest cabinet you’ll ever own, meticulously constructed of the finest materials available. Give me a shout. Let me know how I can help your sound delivery. And, Thanks for stopping by! Peace. Rick.

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  1. Pat Says:

    Hey Rick,

    I have been using my two 15″ Thiele / Small cabs a bit now and can’t get the grin off my face!! Coupled with my Showman amp they sound sensational. Musicians on stage totally into how good the rig sounds! Nothing but compliments from audience, players and sound men young and old a like.

    You’re the Best Bro!!
    Pat Dice

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