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Thiele/Small Bass Cabinets

A while back a player asked about the Mesa Boogie 1×12 cabs.  I did some research, as I’d built several Thiele cabs in  a few clone builds, mainly Ampeg.

The RA 1×12 turned out great, so I built the 1×15 version for R&D.   WOW!  Excellent range, tone, and wholeness. And from a cabinet no bigger than a medium combo cabinet.  Deep, but not too deep.  Manageable by one person, 27 lbs. unloaded.  If you’re searching for a little or a lot of sound reinforcement, this is certainly a top candidate.  And for a lot less money than you’d expect to put out for a high caliber gigging anchor cab.

I’m offering this ALL-PINE cabinet finished (to your specs) or just the bare PINE cabinet for you DIYers.  Front mount (clamps & t-nuts) hardware for your favorite speaker is included. The finished version includes Tolex, Grill&Cloth, Handle, Glides, Corner Guards, and Speaker Jack/Plate/Wire.   “Speaker-Ready” . Any custom hardware, tolex, grill cloth, etc. that you prefer?  If it’s available, no problem.  I’m always up for something different.

1 x 12″ Thiele/Small Enclosure —

Unfinished  OR  Finished …  Email Rick for Price

1 x 15″ Thiele/Small Enclosure —

Unfinished  OR   Finished … Email Rick for Price