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Ordering from RA Custom

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Ordering your custom cabinet from RA Custom is easy.  Being a one-man company, you only have to deal with one person.

Call me during business hours – 309-267-8145

9am-6pm Mon-Sat  Central Standard Time USA.

Rick Summers
705 N. Saint Anthony Place
West Peoria, Illinois 61604

Email me at rick@rawoods.com

Each case is different when it comes to CUSTOM building.  I like to discuss each order with you to ensure an accurate build and complete satisfaction.  So, it’s easiest to have a short conversation over the phone to get things started.   My policy is Payment-in-Full before each work order is set in motion.  I can accept PayPal and USPS Money Orders…  Cash or Checks for local folks only.

If you’re needing a Fender clone cabinet, I can Email you the RA Price List for Fender Clone cabs to give you a ballpark estimate.  I DON’T CHARGE EXTRA FOR SMALL CHANGES TO THE ORIGINAL DESIGN.  Example:  You want your new combo cabinet to house a larger or smaller speaker than the original.  NO EXTRA CHARGE.  And you want it blonde with oxblood grill cloth instead of the original “Blackface” cosmetics.  NO EXTRA CHARGE.   A different handle or added hardware may be a few bucks more, but I try to keep costs to the customer at a minimum.

Email me with any questions, comments, ballpark quote,  etc.

Thanks for stopping by!

Peace,       Rick



RAWOODS Custom started when I was in high school, about 1970.

In the 60’s and early 70’s we bought used amps and fixed them up best we could.  My grandfather had a wood shop and taught me how not to cut my fingers off.  I built a pair of columns for a BIG stereo I was putting together. 15″ JBL’s in 3/4″ plywood cabs.  WOW! We were in heaven. They doubled as PA columns.  From then on I decided to build anything I needed rather than settle for expensive mass-produced crap.  Well, we all grew up and life got in the way of building bands and equipment. But years later I got the bug again. I had to quit working full-time to move in and take care of my father who has Altzheimer’s.  Opening my shop was the only way I could still work and stay at home. Handy, really. So here I am a few hundred cabs later, re-opening RAWOODS for the 2nd time. But this time it’s FULL-TIME ’til  ???.  Retirement is for quitters. 😉

Quality was the main reason I built those first cabinets years ago.  I could afford a decent pair of speakers but I couldn’t accept the lack of quality in “mass-production”… So why not make some sawdust and get what I paid for? Works for me. 🙂  And has worked for many builders and musicians through the years.

One thing is for certain. Quality craftsmanship never goes out of style. So, I guess I’m still in.



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Construction of a RA “Dual Cell” Enclosure..  SOLID!

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Each and every RA Custom cabinet mainframe is 100% North American Pine.

All Corners are 1/4″ Box-Jointed.

If you have any questions concerning construction details, please Email me.

I’ll be happy to oblige.





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