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RA Custom Tone-Ring Cabinets

The RA Custom Tone-Ring Cabinets are built to order, like most of my components.

I’ve taken to gluing and screwing the baffle, making it the most durable of any tone-ring cabinet I know of. The grill is Velcro-loaded for easy access to the front of the tone-ring/speaker. This saves a LOT of headaches, trust me.

All pictures you see were custom-ordered. Some like it stock, some like it RED. Some like it Blonde. Some like the original jack-cup in the original location, some like it center/top.

Tell me how you’d like yours. Most custom colors/grillcloth/changes are NO EXTRA CHARGE. Some are just a few more bucks.


15″ RA Custom Tone-Ring Cabinet ,   Complete w/piggyback bushings, Fender 19″ tilt-back legs, AND thumbscrews. Call Rick for Price.


12″ RA Custom Tone-Ring Cabinet ,  Complete w/piggyback bushings, Fender 16″ tilt-back legs, AND thumbscrews. Call Rick for Price.

Also available.without legs, bushings, thumbscrews.

10″ Tone-Rings?… Yes, for now.. Call me..


Any questions?  Please  Email me or Call 309-267-8145

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When I was about 14, I heard the best bass guitar tone ever.  It was my neighbor, Terry Walters.  He was the bass player for Dan Fogelberg’s band (The Coachmen),  here in Peoria. He played a Jazz bass through a 1964 Showman with the 15″ Tone-Ring bottom, JBL D130F speaker.  I have not heard better bass toneage since.  Did I say “toneage”?  Good word, I’ll keep it.   I got to hear that bass every week for several years until Fogelberg finally made it out of Peoria and into Nashville and beyond..

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Leo Fender’s engineering group came up with a clever bass reflex cabinet in the early 1960’s.  The speaker is installed in steel “hoop” called a “tone-ring”.  This assembly mounts to an “inner baffle” which is attached to the front main baffle via 1-by ribs, creating the “port” between the baffles.  If you haven’t knowingly heard one of these in a jazz, funk, or rock band, then your ears are in for a real treat!  The 15″ Fender Tone-Ring bottom was available with a Showman head initially.  By special order you could get the 12″, 15″, or a 10″ Tone-Ring bottom up-grade to almost any Fender head.  Fender quit making the Tone-Ring cabs shortly after CBS bought them out.  But, alas, there’s still a few rings being made.  But like most good things, the end is near…. So order accordingly…

I have access to just a few Tone-Rings, both the 12″ and 15″.  So, if you’re interested in a Tone-Ring cabinet, I make the best I’ve seen.  No brag, just fact.  The RA Tone-Ring cabinets are faithful to the original Fender design almost 100%. The difference being a small modification to the grill.  The RA method is a Velcro-loaded front grill, making speaker installation and removal a breeze.  Believe me, it’s a worthy up-grade.  Buy one, you’ll thank me profusely. 😉  If you don’t like it ( I can’t imagine),  there’s a line of players out there who would gladly take it off your hands QUICK!