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RA Troubadour Cabinet Series

The RA Troubadour Series is dedicated to club players and weekend warriors.

Priced right and light-weight, no two Troubadour cabs are exactly the same, giving them a collectible quality. Built to last and finished in a smooth semi-gloss hard lacquer,  each Troubadour cabinet is first taken through the “RA Staining Process”, giving each piece of wood it’s own personality.  The stain/lacquer/grain develops a kind of  3-D effect.  This process takes several days to achieve and gives the cabinet that “stressed” look, each having its own unique & natural features.

When ordering your Troubadour cabinet, please tell me your grill-cloth preference.  Fender “Wheat” works well for me, but you can choose any cloth available on the market.  Same goes for handles.  The heavy-duty stitched handles come in several colors.

Here are a few examples of  the RA Troubadour Cabinets.